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Beadle County Drug Court

Our Mission

The mission of the Beadle County Drug Court is to enhance public safety with the goal of developing sober, productive, law-abiding citizens by holding the offender accountable while providing supervision, treatment, and life skills in a judicial setting.

General Description

Beadle County Drug Court was established July 1, 2015 and our first client was sentenced to Drug Court on July 28, 2015.

The Beadle County Drug Court is designed for persons whose problems stem from substance abuse. As an individual enters this program, he or she must be motivated to work toward changing their lifestyle and becoming free of alcohol and chemical addiction. The program is accessible regardless of age, religion, sex, ethnic origin, sexual preference, marital status, age or physical and/or mental disability.

The Beadle County Drug Court is a court-managed, alcohol/drug intervention treatment program, designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional criminal case processing. If clients are eligible and have been chosen to participate in this program, they must be willing to commit to the entire program. The program can be successfully completed within 18 months to two years. At any time during participation of the program, the client can be terminated from the program and sentenced by a Circuit Court Judge for noncompliance with rules and treatment plans.

Contact Information

Joan Nettinga
Drug Court Coordinator
Beadle and Brookings Counties
455 4th Street SW
Huron SD 57350

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