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Brown County Sobriety Court

Our Mission

To enhance public safety, while reducing the societal costs of drug and alcohol dependency, by holding individual offenders accountable under an intensive judicially supervised program with the goal of providing chemical dependency treatment in combination with positive health, wellness, and life changes implemented through continuing education and community support.

General Description

The Brown County DUI Court held its first court in July 2012. Court is held on Fridays with the Team meeting starting at 8:00 A.M. and court starting at 9:00 A.M. There are currently 16 participants in the program and there have been 12 graduates from the program.

Team Members

Honorable Judge Tony Portra - DUI Court Judge
Dawn Lilly - Drug Court Coordinator
Brock Schiferl – DUI Court Probation Officer
Karly Winter – Deputy State's Attorney
Chris Dohrer – Defense Counsel
Kristi Gienger – Worthmore Addiction Services
Jennifer Deiss – Northeastern Mental Health
Sally Swanson - DUI Court Specialist
Garrett Ortmeier - Chief Court Service Officer

Contact Information

Dawn Lilly
Drug and DUI Court Coordinator
101 1st SE Ave/P.O. Box 1087
Aberdeen, SD 57401

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