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Fourth Circuit DUI Court


The mission of the Fourth Circuit DUI Court is to increase community safety by reducing recidivism of our participants and break the cycle of addition through the efficient use of public funds.

Program Goals:

  1. Increase public safety by integrating the criminal justice system with treatment systems and community resources.
  2. Increase individual length of involvement in treatment and other maintenance systems
  3. Increase the number of offenders able to work, parent, and participate in the community as sober, productive citizens
  4. Reduce incarceration time for non-violent offenders
  5. Reduce recidivism

Team Members

Judge Eric Stawn - DUI Court Judge
Tanya Septka - DUI Court Coordinator
Stephanie Brooks - Court Services Officer
Brian Dean - Law Enforcement
Megan Bennett - CD Treatment Provider
Amber Richey - Defense Counsel
Bruce Outka - Prosecutor
Kasey Sorenson - Prosecutor
Terry Trucano – Mental Health Provider

Contact Information, Specialist

For questions regarding the DUI Court program, please contact DUI Court Coordinator Tanya Septka at (605) 347-7648.

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