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Second Circuit Drug Court Program

Our Mission

The Second Judicial Circuit Drug Court is a creative alternative aimed at keeping more individuals out of prison, lowering costs to the state, reducing crime and recidivism. We also strive to improve the quality of life for our participants through intensive treatment, supervision, incentives and sanctions.

Second Circuit Drug Court Brochure

General Description

The Second Judicial Circuit Drug Court in Sioux Falls officially began in January of 2011. The Drug Court Program combines intensive supervision, addiction treatment, and counseling with support and positive role models. Participants are closely monitored not only to protect the public, but also to help them return to society as sober and productive members of their community.

Drug Court is held every Thursday at 1:30PM in Courtroom 6B

Drug Court Team Members:
Judge Patricia Riepel
Judge Natalie Damgaard
Kallie Steffens- Coordinator
Krista Bast- Court Service Officer
Jason Lillestol- Court Service Officer
April Petoske – Court Service Officer
Mike Miller- Public Defender
Mike Colwill- Law Enforcement
Michelle Boyd- Law Enforcement
Audie Murphy- Prosecutor
Kristi Jacobsma – CD Treatment
Karen Chesley- Mental Health Treatment
Kati Albers- Department of Corrections
Terri Brown – Recovery Support
Glenda Hammond – Support Staff

Contact Information, DUI/Drug Court Coordinator

Kallie Steffens
Phone: 605-782-3069

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