Minnehaha County Courthouse
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Minnehaha County DUI Court

Our Mission

The Mission of the Second Circuit DUI Court is to promote an alternative way for repeat DUI or alcohol addicted offenders to receive justice and treatment, with an eye towards public safety, personal dignity and program accountability with promoting recovery real life change.

General Description

The goal of a DUI Court is to protect public safety by using the Drug Court model to address alcoholism and substance abuse as the root cause of impaired driving. Hardcore impaired drivers with serious alcohol/substance abuse issues are the primary target population of the DUI Court. After planning and training for a year, the Second Circuit DUI Court took its first client on Tuesday, November 27, 2013.

DUI Court is held every Tuesday at 9 AM in Courtroom 6A.

Team Members

Judge Robin J. Houwman
Judge Sara Pokela
Kallie Steffens – Coordinator
Leah Stroschein – Court Services Officer
Nate Olson — Court Services Officer
Chad Clark – Evaluator
Andrew Robertson – Public Defender
Lt. John Duprey – Law Enforcement
Gail Eiesland – Prosecutor
Phyllis Bauerle – CD Treatment
Jennifer Pfeifer – Mental Health Treatment
Rod Ward – Cultural Representative
Janny Hanson – Support Staff

Contact Information, DUI/Drug Court Coordinator

Kallie Steffens
Phone: 605-782-3069

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