Minnehaha County Courthouse
Lincoln County Courthouse

Minnehaha Veterans Court

Veterans Treatment Court Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Minnehaha County Veterans Treatment Court is to enhance public safety and help Veterans in the criminal justice system become law abiding, productive citizens through rigorous supervised probation that includes mental health and substance abuse treatment, while holding the participants accountable for criminal behavior.

Veterans Treatment Court will be held on a bi-weekly basis on Wednesdays at 9AM in Courtroom 6D, starting January 6, 2016.

Judge Mark Salter
Judge Crystal Johnson
Kallie Steffens – Coordinator
Sheila Keiso – Court Services Officer
Cpt. Keith Gries – Law Enforcement
Cpt. Mike Walsh – Law Enforcement
Randy Sample – Prosecutor
Taylor Hayes - Public Defender
Rebecca Hess – Veterans Justice Outreach Coordinator
Mike Maske - Veterans Field Officer
Andrew Wickman – Mental Health Treatment
Anna Imholte – Evaluator

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