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Pennington County DUI Court Program

Our Mission

The mission of the Pennington County DUI Court Program is to enhance public safety by ensuring accountability through supervision, treatment and the support of community partnerships by reforming substance abuse offenders to sober law-abiding citizens.

General Description

The Pennington County DUI Court was established in Rapid City, South Dakota in 2013. Pennington County DUI Court is a voluntary program that provides intensive case-management of non-violent, adult felony offenders. The offender is held accountable through regular appearances before the DUI Court Judge, daily PBT testing and random drug testing, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, behavior modification based on incentives and sanctions, and intense community supervision by the DUI Court Team. The program is challenging and requires accountability on behalf of the participants. One of the many goals of DUI Court is for participants to gain self-esteem and self-motivation in order to live an alcohol free lifestyle.

Team Members

Honorable Heidi Linngren (DUI Court Judge) –
Ashlee May (Coordinator) –
Ashley Parr (Defense Attorney) –
Aimee Janvrin MA, LPC-MH, QMHP (Mental Health Treatment, Behavior Management Systems) –
Roger Schriver, LAC (Addiction Treatment, ROADS Outpatient Treatment) –
Josh Satterlee (Prosecutor, State’s Attorney’s Office) –
Tonia Fischer (Court Services Officer) –
Nick Baird (Court Services Officer) –
Lieutenant Andy Becker (Rapid City Police Department) –
Chief Deputy Willie Whelchel (Pennington County Sheriff’s Office) –
Cathy Mattson (Community Member) –
Lila Doud (Community Member)

Contact Information

For questions regarding administrative matters, please contact Coordinator Ashlee May at (605) 394-2595.
For questions regarding DUI Court eligibility, please contact Deputy State’s Attorney Josh Satterlee at (605) 394-2191.

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