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Faulk County

Faulk County Clerk

Welcome to the Faulk County Clerk of Court’s Office.
Our contact information is:

Faulk County Clerk of Courts
110 9th Ave. South
PO Box 357
Faulkton, SD 57438-0357

Phone Number: 605-598-6223
Fax Number: 605-598-6252

For more information and directions to the courthouse, Please visit SDJurors. Then select Your E-Courthouse and Edmunds county.

The basic functions of the clerk’s office are:

  • Assisting with requests for information on court procedures, fees, court dates, forms
  • Processing passports, assessing & receipting fees thereon
  • Opening, maintaining, storing and retrieving court files as needed in different types of cases
  • Processing traffic tickets and other criminal complaints, receipting and disbursing fines, fees, costs, bond and restitution associated with same
  • Working closely with the public, law enforcement and attorneys in maintaining judges’ calendars of court dates and assisting judges in the courtroom
  • Summoning and qualifying jurors, assist judge in juror selection process, and authorize payment of jurors
  • Performing magistrate functions such as setting bond, handling initial appearances, issuing warrants, entering default judgments in small claims cases and performing marriages
Faulk County Courthouse


Office hours for the Clerk of Court’s office are 1:00-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The Clerk’s Office and courtroom are located on the third floor of the courthouse.

View the courtroom and obtain a list of courtroom details

Court is scheduled by calling the Clerk’s office and is held every other Tuesday afternoon, or you can view the motion day calendar.

Faulk County Clerk’s office is a statewide search center for criminal background checks (fees may apply)

Faulk County Courthouse is also one of seven interactive video (ITV) sites in the Fifth Circuit, where conferences, hearings and meetings take place through video technology. The other six sites include the Third Floor West Courtroom of the Brown County Courthouse in Aberdeen, the Day County Courthouse in Webster, Marshall County Courthouse in Britton, Roberts County Courthouse in Sisseton, Spink County Courthouse in Redfield, and the Walworth County Courthouse in Selby. Scheduling for ITV is done through the Court Administrator’s Office in Aberdeen, phone nos. 605-626-2450, or toll-free in-state 1-877-999-5613.

Faulk County Courthouse
Faulk County Courthouse

Faulk County Clerks, 1889-Present
1889-1896 H. W. Bailey
1897-1898 C. A. E. Whitton
1899-1900 Henry Joynt
1901-1904 M. S. McDearman
1905-1910 Charles E. Caste
1911-1914 John D. Douglas
1915-1916 F. A. Pangborn
1917-1932 Elmer Irwin
1933-1956 Mason Chamberlain
1957-1962 Albert Grau
1963-1982 Martin K. Mowry
1983-1988 Norm Niemeyer
1989-1995 Corrine Anderson
1995-1999 Renee Cunningham
1999-2017 Marilyn Hadrick
2017-Present Stephanie Erdahl

Faulk County Judges, 1889-Present
1889-1890 Unknown
1891-1898 A. W. Campbell
1899-1901 James H. McCoy
1909-1914 Frank McNulty
1915-1918 Thomas L. Bouck
1919-1922 Frank Anderson
1923-1924 B. A. Walton
1925-1928 R. D. Gardner & J. J. Batterton
1929-1930 R. D. Gardner & C. H. Babcock
1931-1944 C. H. Babcock & Van Buren Perry
1945-1954 Van Buren Perry & H. W. King
1955-1956 H. W. King & E. S. Farley
1957-1966 F. S. Tait & Philo Hall
1967-1974 Philo Hall & Sigurd Anderson
1975-1984 Philo Hall, Eugene Dobberphul, Mildred Ramynke, & Leland Berndt
1985-1986 Eugene Dobberpuhl, Mildred Ramynke, Leland Berndt, & Vernon Evans
1987-1990 Eugene Dobberpuhl, Leland Berndt, Vernon Evans, & David Gilbertson
1991-1993 Eugene Dobberpuhl, Leland Berndt, David Gilbertson, & Larry Lovrien
1994-1995 Eugene Dobberpuhl, David Gilbertson, Larry Lovrien, & Jack Von Wald
1996-1998 Eugene Dobberpuhl, Larry Lovrien, Jack Von Wald, & Myles DeVine
1999-2003 Eugene Dobberpuhl, Larry Lovrien, Jack Von Wald, & Jon Flemmer
2004-2006 Jack Von Wald, Larry Lovrien, Jon Flemmer, & Scott Myren
2006-2013 Jack Von Wald, Jon Flemmer, Scott Myren, & Tony Portra
2014-Present Scott Myren, Jon Flemmer, Tony Portra, & Richard Sommers

Faulk County does not have an official website, but here are some contact numbers for the county departments:
Assessor: 605-598-6225
Auditor: 605-598-6224
Highway Dept: 605-598-6233
Register of Deeds: 605-598-6228
Sheriff: 605-598-6229
State's Attorney: 605-598-4330
Treasurer: 605-598-6232
Veteran's Service: 605-598-6222

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