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First Judicial Circuit

First Circuit

The First Judicial Circuit Court is served by six circuit court judges, two magistrate judges, and court clerk magistrates in each county in the circuit. Assisting the presiding judge is an appointed circuit court administrator and a chief court services officer. Circuit administrative offices are located in the Yankton County Courthouse and Safety Center, 410 Walnut Street, Yankton, SD.

Hon. Steven R Jensen, Presiding Judge
209 E. Main Suite 230
Elk Point, SD 57025
Court Reporter - Jeanne Bossman
Ph. 605-761-1201 or 605-297-4096

Circuit Court Administration Office
Kim Allison, Circuit Administrator
Joan Novak, Circuit Assistant
410 Walnut, Suite 201
Yankton, SD 57078-4390
Ph. 605-668-3095 Fx. 605-668-5499

Hon. Bruce Anderson
Circuit Court Judge
706 Braddock
P.O. Box 36
Armour, SD 57313-0036

Court Reporter - Melissa Odens
Ph. 605-487-7664 or 605-724-2145
Hon. Timothy Bjorkman
Circuit Court Judge
130 W. Essex
P.O. Box 504
Salem, SD 57058-0504

Court Reporter - Carol Johnson
Ph. 605-425-2390

Hon. Glen Eng
Circuit Court Judge
410 Walnut Street, Suite 201
Yankton, SD 57078-4390

Court Reporter - Sherron Walstad
Ph. 605-668-5686
Hon. Cheryle Gering
Circuit Court Judge
410 Walnut Street, Suite 201
Yankton, SD 57078-4390

Court Reporter - Mary Anne Meyer
Ph. 605-668-3092 or 605-677-6757

Hon. Patrick Smith
Circuit Court Judge
200 E. 4th Avenue
Mitchell, SD 57301

Court Reporter - Lisa M. Kull
Ph. 605-995-8102

Hon. Gordon Swanson
Magistrate Judge
200 E. 4th Ave
P.O. Box 927
Mitchell, SD 57301-2631
Ph. 605-995-8105
Hon. Tami Bern
Magistrate Judge
P.O. Box 377
Vermillion, SD 57069
Ph. 605-677-6755

Ron Freeman
Chief Court Services Officer
200 E. 4th Ave.
Mitchell, SD 57301-2631
Ph. 605-668-3075
Rebecca Altman
Deputy Chief Court Services Officer
410 Walnut Street, Suite 203
Yankton, SD 57078-4390
Ph. 605-668-3075
Tyler Matson
Mitchell Law Clerk
200 E. 4th Ave
Mitchell, SD 57301-2631
Ph. 995-8250
Stuart Hughes
Yankton Law Clerk
410 Walnut Street, Suite 201
Yankton, SD 57078-4390
Ph. 605-668-3085

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