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Equipment and Technology

Courtrooms: For a detailed list of recording systems, conference phones, computers, books and other equipment, a courtroom-by-courtroom inventory is available here: Courtroom Summary

Cameras in the courtrooms: No TV cameras are allowed in any courtroom in the Fourth Circuit pursuant to order of the presiding judge.

ADA Equipment: One audix system for the hearing impaired is available in the Fourth Circuit. Please contact the Administrative Office to reserve this unit or for additional information.

Telephones/Cell Phones: Cell phones are allowed in court buildings as long as they are turned off or set to silent. However, please note that camera-equipped cell phones are not allowed in any courthouse in the Fourth Circuit. If your cell phone is a camera model, please leave it in your car.

Public Telephones: Check with court personnel for availability of public telephones throughout the courthouses.

Speaker/Conference Phone: The courtrooms in the Fourth Circuit are equipped with Polycom high-quality speaker/conference phones. Please refer to Fourth Circuit Policy #06-07 for additional information in this regard.

Recording: The Fourth Circuit relies on court reporters to record the court record and uses a portable "FTR Gold" digital recording system when no reporter is available.

Copiers: Copy machines are available in staff areas and offices throughout the courthouses. If court staff make copies for you, the charge is 20 cents per page.

ATM Machines: ATM machines are available in Lawrence and Meade counties. Please check with the Clerk of Court for specific locations.

Credit Card Payments: VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards are accepted for payment. (Discover or American Express cards are NOT accepted.) Credit cards can be processed in person or over the telephone.

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