Minnehaha County Courthouse
Lincoln County Courthouse

Attorneys and Attorney Complaints

Court cases and legal issues can be very complex. The court staff is eager to be as helpful as possible and provide as much information as we can, but that the same time we have to be very careful about not giving legal advice for at least two reasons. First, court staff must remain fair and neutral and impartial – in other words, it would not be fair or right or even legal for court employees to coach or advise one side over the other. Second, even after working in the courts for years there are still many areas of the law that are very complex; with the exception of the law-trained judges, staff attorneys and law clerks, court staff does not have the training and expertise to offer legal advice. If you do need legal advice we would urge you to contact the South Dakota State Bar which offers a lawyer referral service at If you already have an attorney and want information about filing a complaint about that attorney, the South Dakota State Bar also publishes this summary of the complaint and disciplinary process for attorneys at this link:

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