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Marriage & Wedding Information,
2nd Judicial Circuit

Marriage Licenses

For information on marriage licenses in this area, you can visit the web site for the Minnehaha County Register of Deeds here: Marriage License Information

Marriage Records

For information about vital records including marriage certificates, you can check this page also published by the Minnehaha County Register of Deeds: Vital Records Information

Lincoln County

For marriage license information specific to Lincoln County, the Lincoln County Register of Deeds phone number is 605-764-5661, or you can visit the website for the Lincoln County Register of Deeds.

Civil Marriage Ceremonies

In South Dakota, some Clerk of Court offices do conduct civil marriage ceremonies, while others do not. The state law about officials authorized to perform wedding ceremonies can be found at the legislature’s website at SDCL 25-1-30. In the Second Judicial Circuit (Lincoln and Minnehaha counties), because court calendars and caseloads are so heavy, the clerks’ offices generally do not perform wedding ceremonies. However, the following private individuals do offer to perform civil marriage ceremonies in the greater Sioux Falls area, and the Register of Deeds offices may have additional information on other officials authorized to perform ceremonies.

M.D. Anderson, S.H. Prange & Associates
(photographer available on request)

Bill Matheson & Associates
(former magistrate judge)
(photographer available on request)

Deborah Conway Beuckens Montoya
Retired Deputy Court Clerk Magistrate II
Photographer and/or Music available

(These officials are listed here simply as a convenience to the public, and not as an advertisement or endorsement by the Court. If you are authorized by statute to perform marriage ceremonies in South Dakota and would like to be added to or removed from this list, please contact 2nd Circuit Court Administration at 605-367-5920.)

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