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Trusts and Estates in South Dakota

The Court in Sioux Falls often gets questions about opening trust and estate cases in South Dakota. South Dakota is generally considered one of the most preferred states in the nation in which to base or operate trust funds and substantial assets are deposited in South Dakota from family trusts across the nation for many legal and financial reasons. This is a very complex legal and financial area however and court staff cannot provide legal advice about wills, estate, or family trusts. The South Dakota Bar Association does provide a lawyer referral service at For a general summary of why South Dakota is considered to be such a favorable legal and financial environment for trust filings, we offer these links provided by a private financial services company based in South Dakota: Please note the court does not endorse these or any other financial services company or law firm, but we offer these links only because their description of the legal and financial factors involved is a particularly good summary.

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