Minnehaha County Courthouse
Lincoln County Courthouse

ADA Accomodations

In our delivery of court services and employment, the Second Judicial Circuit is eagerly committed to making every reasonable accommodation to disabled citizens, jurors, and employees.

Court facilities in Minnehaha County, Sioux Falls were constructed in 1996, expanded in 2008, and are fully handicapped accessible on every floor. Parking lots are well marked with numerous handicapped parking spaces, and building entries are wheelchair accessible through various routes. The northeast entry is the most well-equipped, with direct street access, automatic door openers, and an elevator to the 1st floor immediately inside the doorway.

The courthouse in Lincoln County, Canton, was built in 1899 but expanded and renovated in 2008. Modern elevators and handicapped access are available to every floor and all courtrooms and offices.

Most (although not all) courtrooms at both courthouses are equipped with infrared assisted-listening systems, wired amplified headsets, or other amplification systems in multiple locations within the courtrooms. We also have at least two court reporters in the Circuit capable of real-time transcription of court hearings in either county. The transcript can be output to a large screen display in any courtroom or to individual computer screens. The court will also provide sign language or non-English language interpreters whenever necessary in either county.

Please call 2nd Circuit Court Administration at 605-367-5920 if you have any questions about these or any other accommodations, or would like to request or confirm any arrangements, equipment, or assistance. Use of special equipment or scheduling real-time court reporters does take some prior planning and set-up, and so calling ahead is always helpful.

Thank You

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