Minnehaha County Courthouse
Lincoln County Courthouse
Second Circuit

Second Circuit Statistics

The Second Judicial Circuit...

...handles about 64,000 cases per year(2015). Of those, about 45,000 are minor, traffic, and criminal cases, and 19,000 are civil, small claims, domestic and others.

...employs about 130 people to serve the public, including judges, court clerks, court services (probation) staff, court reporters, court administration staff, bailiffs, and law clerks.

...collected about $9.56 million in fines, fees, deposits, and other costs, and disbursed about $8.65 million to the State, counties, victims, and other recipients in Fiscal Year 2013. About $2.02 million were paid in state fines and forfeitures.

...summoned about 14,000 citizens for jury duty in Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties and held 86 jury trials of all types in Fiscal Year 2015.

...has a state operating budget of about $8.69 million and a budget for county-paid expenses in Lincoln and Minehaha of about $1.7 million, FY2016.

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