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The Family Visitation Center offers safe exchanges, supervised visitation services, and confident parenting programs when there is a need for a safe neutral setting. The center is open seven days a week. You can find more information about Family Visitation Center at their website here:

A few other options available to you are:

1. 1. Disputes may be resolved using the formal court process, where each side files motions and other documents with the court, asking the court to issue orders resolving the dispute. Hiring an attorney for a visitation action is not required, although attorneys are very helpful in this potentially complicated and high pressure area.

2. Under certain limited circumstances and income guidelines, parties may apply for legal services from East River Legal Services. Here is their contact information: East River Legal Services, 335 N Main Ave # 300, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, (605) 336-9230.

3. You may attempt to mediate the case privately. A list of some of the mediators in the greater Sioux Falls area can be found on our website under Service Providers

4. While court staff must remain neutral and cannot give legal advice or "coach" one party against another, for general information questions on the court process parties are welcome to call Court Administration at 605-367-5920, or send a message to our general website email address at

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