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Welcome to the new, comprehensive web page for Small Claims. In the past our Small Claims page didn’t offer very much, but we recently revised this section to be as helpful and complete as possible. Don’t let the long list of forms and references put you off – Small Claims is designed to be as simple as possible for the general public (really). If you go through this step-by-step it’s not as bad as it looks. You may only need some of these forms and references depending on the circumstances of your case.

Small Claims Court is an informal process which allows people to sue for money damages. The procedures are simple and inexpensive. The maximum limit set by current law for South Dakota Small Claims actions is $12,000 plus court costs. Claims for more than $12,000.00 must be filed as formal civil actions, unless a party is willing to waive recovery of any amounts over $12,000.

For your convenience local forms are listed below and are accepted in Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties. If you have any questions, please contact your local Clerk’s Office. You are welcome to complete these forms online and print them using Adobe Acrobat Reader, or print and fill them out by hand. If you do not have access to a printer, these forms are also available at the courthouse. Once completed, file them at the courthouse. Please keep in mind that while we do try to be as helpful as possible, court staff must remain neutral and impartial and cannot coach or advise one side against another. If you have legal questions or need help completing the forms, please consult an attorney, review the information here, or contact the South Dakota Legal Form Helpline at 1-855-784-0004. If you have any suggestions about this web page, please email the court

Form Name Description
South Dakota State Brochure (PDF) Statewide Brochure explaining Small Claims in South Dakota.
Local Guide to Small Claims (PDF) A local guide for Small Claims, 2nd Judicial Circuit (Lincoln & Minnehaha)
Small Claims Information Sheet/Docket (Word)
Small Claims Information Sheet/Docket (PDF)
Brief summary of a Small Claims action
Plaintiff’s Statement of Claim (Word)
Plaintiff’s Statement of Claim (PDF)
Filed by the Plaintiff when beginning a Small Claims action.
Filing Fees (PDF) Non-refundable fees for filing a Small Claims action.
Fillable Civil Case Filing Statement (Word)
Written Civil Case Filing Statement (PDF)
Required case information that is confidential upon filing.
Affidavit of Non-Military Status (Word)
Affidavit of Non-Military Status (PDF)
Verification of the Defendant’s Military or Non-Military status.
Denial/Answer/Counterclaim (Word)
Denial/Answer/Counterclaim (PDF)
Filed by the Defendant if disputing/counterclaiming the original claim.
Satisfaction of Judgment (Word)
Satisfaction of Judgment (PDF)
Confirms that a small claims judgment has been paid.
Motion and Affidavit for Satisfaction of Judgment (Word)
Motion and Affidavit for Satisfaction of Judgment (PDF)
Asks the Court to order the entry of a satisfaction when the judgment is paid but creditor refuses to file a satisfaction.
Fender Bender Brochure (PDF) Department of Public Safety Brochure regarding Judgment for damages.
Small Claims Fee Calculator A calculator that provides the Small Claims filing fee

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