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Court Services
Chad Clark, Chief

Court Services, 2nd Judicial Circuit
425 N. Dakota Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Minnehaha County, Sioux Falls:
605-367-5930, Fax: 605-367-4907

Lincoln County, Canton:
605-987-2801, Fax: 605-987-0046

In South Dakota, probation-related activities are handled by Court Services, a department of the Court. In general, Court Services monitors compliance with sentences and court orders in both adult and juvenile cases. Court Services shouldn't be confused with Parole, which is administered by the State Department of Corrections. You can find more information about state prisons and parole at the Department of Corrections site.

Court Services in the 2nd Circuit supervises an average of 750 adults and 600 juveniles at any time. Court Services responsibilities include:
  • Interstate compacts and cooperation with other states when people move to or from South Dakota with outstanding cases, sentences or court orders to complete.
  • Drug testing and screening, collection of DNA samples, and other tests.
  • Pre-sentence investigations, often called "PSI's," which summarize a defendant's life history, previous offenses if any, and the likelihood of re-offense or successful rehabilitation. In the juvenile arena, Social Case Studies are completed by Court Services Officer's which contain basically the same information as the PSI's. Second Circuit completes approximately 45 PSI's per month, and 10 Social Case Studies per month.
  • Alcohol monitoring, electronic home monitoring, restitution and payment tracking, and other monitoring and tracking services.
  • Juvenile diversion programs, alternative treatment programs, some possible computer monitoring and other compliance and assessment programs and techniques.
Court Services in the Second Circuit has 35 employees; a Chief Court Services Officer, Deputy Chief Court Services Officer, 27 Court Services officers, 2 Drug/DUI court staff, and 4 general support staff. The Court Services office in Sioux Falls is located on the 2nd floor of the Minnehaha County Courthouse. In Lincoln County, Court Services is located on the 1st Floor of the Lincoln County Courthouse.

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