Minnehaha County Courthouse
Lincoln County Courthouse

Bail Bond Agents

Authorized Bail Bond Companies
2nd Judicial Circuit
State of South Dakota

Pursuant to SDCL 23A-43-20,[1] the following agents or companies are authorized to issue bail bonds in the 2nd Judicial Circuit, Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties, State of South Dakota, and have confirmed their valid, current insurance policies, underwriting, or other surety.

AAA Speedy Release Bail Bonds, aka Lederman Bonding Company
A-1 Bail Bonds
605-361-9631; 1800-318-9631

Bail Out Now, LLC
Dakota Bail Bonds
Agents: Marty Maciel, Michelle Maciel, John Riemers, David Trupe

Sioux Falls Bail Bonds
Ambassador Bail Bonds
Agent: Sydney Parker

[1] 23A-43-20. (Rule 46(d)) Justification by sureties--Findings as to financial responsibility-- Attorney not to be surety. Every surety, except a corporate surety authorized by chapter 58-21, shall justify by affidavit and may be required to describe in the affidavit the property by which he proposes to justify and the encumbrances on it, the number and amount of other bonds and undertakings for bail entered into by him and remaining undischarged and all his other liabilities. No bond shall be approved unless the surety or sureties, in the opinion of the judge, or magistrate authorized to admit to bail, are financially responsible in at least the amount of the bond. No practicing attorney shall be a surety on any bond.

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