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Service Providers

Lincoln County Courthouse This page is still under development, but for now we have listed the interpreters, language information, mediators, and approved bail bond agents working in the 2nd Circuit. In the future we may also list treatment programs and other service providers that are available in this Circuit. If you're a court service provider and would like to be listed on this page, please contact Circuit Administration at 605-367-5920.

Note on Court Interpreters:

If you're having difficulty finding a local interpreter and have exhausted all the interpreters listed on this website and Language Line won't work, you might also try Minnesota's court interpreter search page at this link: Minnesota State Court Interpreter Search Site. Minnesota has a highly developed court interpretation and certification program. The 5th and 8th Judicial Districts in Minnesota are located closest to the Sioux Falls area, so you might try searching those districts first.

Interpreter Practices:

It's in the Court's and the public's best interest to develop the largest possible roster of well-qualified interpreters. Interpreters can also be highly competitive, and so we try very carefully to avoid "playing favorites" with certain interpreters. For those reasons, most interpreter scheduling is centrally handled by the Circuit Administration office where we purposely try to distribute interpreter work as evenly as possible among the most highly qualified interpreters. That's why, except for some rare circumstances, we generally don't accommodate special requests for individual interpreters.

Although South Dakota does not have a formal interpreter certification requirement, we are still actively committed to providing the best possible interpretation in all our courtrooms. If anyone has any concerns about any court interpreter work in the 2nd Circuit, please call Circuit Administrator Karl Thoennes at 605-367-5920.

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