Custer County Courthouse
Fall River County Courthouse
Pennington County Courthouse

Judges and Staff

Circuit Court Judges

South Dakota State Flag
Hon. Craig Pfeifle , Presiding Judge
Court Reporter - Teresa Fink

Hon. Wally Eklund
Court Reporter - Kayla Glasshoff

Hon. Jeff Davis
Court Reporter - Bridgette Banks

Hon. Robert Gusinsky
Court Reporter - Cindy Weichmann
Hon. Janine M. Kern
Court Reporter - Jean Kappedal

Hon. Thomas L. Trimble
Court Reporter - Kathy Davis

Hon. Robert Mandel
Court Reporter - Tracy Binder

P.O. Box 230
Rapid City, SD 57709
(605) 394-2571
(605) 394-6628 - fax

Magistrate Court Judges

Hon. Scott M. Bogue
Hon. Shawn J. Pahlke
Hon. Heidi Linngren

Court Reporter - Valarie O'Day
Court Reporter - Georgine Wolf

P.O. Box 230
Rapid City, SD 57709
(605) 394-2570
(605) 394-2590 - fax

Staff Attorney

Marya Tellinghuisen

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