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Sixth Circuit Administration

Pursuant to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, the Chief Justice of the South Dakota Supreme Court is responsible for the general direction and supervision of the work of the circuit courts. The Chief Justice appoints a Presiding Judge in each circuit to have local administrative supervision and authority. The Presiding Judge in the Sixth Circuit is: The Honorable John L. Brown, Hughes County Courthouse, PO Box 1238, Pierre, SD 57501-1238. Phone #605-773-3970, Fax #605-773-6492.

Assisting the Presiding Judge is an appointed Circuit Court Administrator, Heather Covey, Hughes County Courthouse, 104 East Capitol Avenue, PO Box 1238, Pierre, SD 57501-1238. Phone #605-773-3711, Fax #605-773-6492.

The Sixth Circuit is also effectively served by a Court Services division, supervised by an appointed Chief Court Services Officer, Le Ann Birkeland, Jones County Courthouse, 310 Main Street, PO Box 448, Murdo, SD 57559-0448. Phone #605-669-2152, Fax #605-669-2641.

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