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Protection Order System

The South Dakota Unified Judicial System (UJS) has implemented a new Protection Order Web-based System to provide public access to protection order documents that can be filed in Circuit Court in South Dakota. The public will now have the ability to complete and print the forms necessary for requesting a protection order. The party seeking protection (petitioner) must bring the forms to a clerk of court office in the county where the requestor or the person against whom the requestor is seeking protection from (respondent) resides. The petition must be signed in the presence or a clerk of court or notary for verification.

If a petition is handwritten and illegible a judge may deny the petition and therefore using the on-line system is strongly recommended.

The system was tested and four different domestic violence shelters around the state provided the UJS with feedback. The UJS strives to ensure that court services meets people’s continued diverse needs by providing electronic public access where possible.

If you have questions regarding the new Protection Order System you may contact the UJS Helpdesk at .

If you are concerned about computer security level or submitting sensitive information from a private computer you should complete these forms on a secure computer so that the entered data is less likely to be viewed by others. If you are in danger please call 911.

File for a Protection Order

If you are in need of assistance regarding protection orders you may contact one of the following: Statewide Shelter/Crisis Center Listing

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