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Circuit Court Administration


The vision of the Circuit Court Administration office of the Third Judicial Circuit Court is to be perceived as an organization where consistent, reliable information is available about court procedures; in which the members of the Circuit and the Unified Judicial System have trust and confidence; which is accountable for its actions; and where staff are competent and productive.

To make this vision a reality, we will achieve results in the following areas:

1. Responsiveness.

Circuit Court Administration will be a source of timely, accurate information on the operations of the courts and the judicial process. We will form partnerships with diverse individuals, organizations, and communities to improve workplace performance, acquire resources, demystify the courts, develop user-friendly instructional pamphlets, and educate our customers about the role, functions, and limitations of the court system.

2. Staff Development and Performance.

Circuit Court Administration will encourage and support the efforts of staff to participate in opportunities for continuous learning and professional development. Thorough orientation programs for new staff will be created. Standards and operational guidelines will be developed to measure and improve workplace productivity, performance, and satisfaction.

Each year, we will move forward by:

  • Reviewing our strategies against the changing environment and against our mission, vision, goals, and values, and adjusting as needed;
  • Evaluating the prior year’s programs and performance;
  • Making budgeting and resource allocation decisions within the context of a strategic plan; and
  • Conducting operational reviews of administrative practices, procedures, rules, and organizational structures to identify changes that improve the quality of service, control costs, streamline procedures, and to promote access to justice.



We believe in the intrinsic value of all persons. We will encourage respect for the law and the administration of justice. We will promote and exemplify high standards of loyalty to the Unified Judicial System, cooperation, and courtesy to those within and outside the judicial system. We will pursue continuous policy improvements to increase the public’s trust and confidence in our system.


We believe it is important to conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards. We will strive to maintain a reputation of honesty, fairness, competence, and trustworthiness in all our activities. We will observe all rules governing privileged communications and confidential information relating to all personnel matters, as well as case files to which we have access.

Servant Leadership

We believe our purpose is to provide direction and guidance for the effective dissemination of information about and equal access to the judicial process, to anyone who needs these services, regardless of their affiliations or relationship to the 3rd Judicial Circuit Court. We will strive to meet the needs of these constituents by offering assistance, assessing needs, acquiring and allocating resources, continuing to develop our technical and academic knowledge relative to our positions, acting with sincerity in our activities, and encouraging cooperative efforts to achieve our mission.

Accountability & Responsibility

We believe in taking full responsibility for our performance as individual employees and as a department. We will be accountable through establishing goals and measuring our performance in achieving those goals. We will strive for a standard of excellence in all we do through accurate, timely, reliable, consistent, and efficient performance.

Professional Development

We believe that all persons have individual strengths and ability levels. We will strive to grow professionally through continuous study and participation in UJS activities. We will maintain current knowledge of laws and procedures, and seek and apply new methods to improve our productivity and our services. We will encourage all employees to acquire proper skills, attitudes, and knowledge, and to develop new skills, techniques, and understandings.


To ensure trust and confidence in the Third Judicial Circuit Court by providing leadership to the Clerks of Courts offices, Court Reporters, Court Services Officers, and Circuit Court and Magistrate Court Judges on internal court operations; building cooperative relationships between the courts, interrelated agencies, and the public; and responding to the changing expectations of the judicial environment, so that there will be effective communication of information about and access to the judicial process.

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