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Civil Wedding Ceremonies

Marriage Licenses

For information on marriage licenses in the 3rd Circuit, please visit the Register of Deeds in any SD county or visit SD Department of Health at for more information. You can obtain a marriage license from any county Register of Deeds in South Dakota. There is a fee for issuing the license, and once it is obtained, the marriage must take place within 20 days or the license becomes void. Contact the county Register of Deeds for more information about age, consent, and other specific requirements for obtaining the license.

Civil Marriage Ceremonies

In South Dakota, some Clerk of Court offices do conduct civil marriage ceremonies, while others do not. The state law about officials authorized to perform wedding ceremonies can be found at the legislature’s website at SDCL 25-1-30. In the 3rd Judicial Circuit, because court calendars and caseloads are first priority, the clerks’ offices do not perform wedding ceremonies. However, the 3rd Circuit Court Administration Office does keep a list of individuals that do offer to perform civil marriage ceremonies in some of the counties in our circuit. Court Administration can be reached at 605-688-4837. Any SD Register of Deeds office may have additional information on other officials authorized to perform ceremonies.

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