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Presentence Reports and Social Case Studies

This document is prepared by a Court Services Officer (CSO) at the request of a Judge. The Judge orders a PSI following a defendant’s plea of guilty to a felony or a misdemeanor offense. The Judge orders completion of this document to help him decide the best sentence for that particular defendant. The contents of the PSI include a face sheet which will have all the personal information about the defendant as well as the charges he has pled guilty to. Within the body of the report there will be information to include employment, educational, prior record, police reports, military background, family background, health background, drug/alcohol background, letters of references submitted on behalf of defendants and any other information important to that particular case. Some officers believe one of the most important parts of a PSI will include Victim input and in those cases the victim will have the right to submit anything to the Judge in writing they feel is appropriate. Not only is this document used for sentencing but it is also used for formulating plans of probation and it also moves on with the defendant should he enter the prison system.

Depending on the seriousness of the offense and other factors a PSI can take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks to complete.


Similar to the PSI this document is also prepared by a Court Services Officer (CSO) at the request of a Judge. This document will include most or all of the information included in the PSI, but does have some differences. The PDSCS will focus more on educational and family backgrounds when compared to the PSI. This document is very important to help the Judge determine the best possible disposition for the juvenile and their families.

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